Cream with blue eyes

Born  June 8 2004


​Bay,  Born July 26 2003




Born May 8 2006


Sponsor A Marlborough Mustang


Stallion and Promotion Mustang

Cream, double dilute, blue eyes.

Born 2007


Born May 10 2005

Promotion Mustang


​Bay,  Born May 30 2008



Palomino Born May 27 2000

Broodmare and Promotion Mustang

Individual Mustang Sponsorship 

You can choose a member of our herd and direct your donation directly to that Mustang. Your donation will help provide the necessary food, and care for the Mustang of your choice. You can chose to sponsor one of our stallions, a brood mare, a promotion Mustang or a retired Mustang.

Herd Sponsorship

You can choose to donate to our farm without specifying an individual herd member. We will direct your donation to the area with the most need.

Your donation may be used

  • to help provide food and care for an unsponsored Mustang or to provide general needed food/care for the herd

Or may be used to help the development and implementation of programs that:

  • develop the awareness of this uniquely Canadian Suffield Mustang
  • support the preservation of the Canadian Suffield Mustang by projects to enhance the genetic diversity of the Suffield Mustang
  • enhance the genetic diversity of the Suffield Mustang through the addition of new bloodlines or the collection, storage and shipment of semen from Suffield Mustang Stallions
  • promote the Canadian Suffield Mustang through rider sponsorship, demonstrations, open houses and other promotional events​


​Black,  Born May 14 2006



First Canadian Suffield Mustang born in Ontario

Born May 10 2003

Herd Guardian and Promotion Mustang


Chestnut Rabicano Pinto

Born 1994                      

Marlborough Mustangs

Lady Bug

Broodmare and Promotion Mustang

 Bay,  born 2004


Chestnut Sabino Pinto

Born July 7 2009



Black Buckskin/Gruhla

Born May 23 2000

Broodmare and Promotion Mustang


Stallion and Promotion Mustang

Bay Tobiano

Born 2002


Palomino, Born July 31, 2003



 Mustangs Available For Sponsoring


Palomino Sabino Pinto 

Born 1994



Palomino,  Born May 11 2007

Prairie Wildfire 

Chestnut, star

Born June  6 2003



Born May 8 1995

Retired from breeding


Bay Gelding

Herd Guardian 

He keeps the predators at bay and baby sits the youngsters