Marlborough Mustangs out on 200 + acres of pasture and bush. 

 Marlborough Mustangs

Our Herd of Canadian Suffield Mustangs are herd raised and spend most of their time on 200 + acres rough bush and pasture. 

They develop strong herd instincts which makes training easier and faster. Running on rough pasture through swamps, ponds and bush makes the Mustangs surefooted and develops strong bones and muscles. Intelligence is further developed as the maneuver around obstacles and constantly walk as they seek fresh grass. Our Mustangs live out year round. Kept in herds, injuries from fighting are limited to bruises and the occasional scrape. Stallions play with foals and watch over their little harems. Non breeding stock run in large groups.   

Housed as nature intended injuries and illness are rare. Vices such as cribbing, weaving,  etc are virtually unheard of even in situations that require stalling ( ie training).

Nature selected horses that are extremely easy keepers and that do not do well on heavy grain diets. 

Fun Fact- more than 80% of Canadian Suffield Mustangs removed from the Suffield Military Base were dilute colours   ( palomino, buckskin, creams, blacks, blues, gruhlas, roans, appaloosas, pintos and many "combination" of colours and patterns).

There were no grey horses removed from the base and therefore grey is the only colour that is not accepted by SMAC.

Photos are Courtesy of Sandy Sharkey.