Marlborough Mustangs

Horses Perfected by 60 Years Living Free On the Canadian  Prairies Free From the Influences of Man

  • Intelligent and quick to learn

  • Athletic

  • Adaptable 

  • Level Headed

  • Slow Growing 

  • Excellent Feet and Legs

  • Naturally Healthy and Hardy

The Suffield Mustang developed running free on 200 square miles of rugged Canadian Prairies Mustangs, accidentally fenced into Canadian Forces Base Suffield in Alberta more than 60 years ago. Running in herds- stallions, mares and foals fending for themselves year round on rugged terrain with hot, dry summers and hard, frigid winters when food was scare and shelter almost non-existent. They spent their days and nights constantly moving over rough terrain which naturally fostered strong bones and muscles and created athletic, sure footed horses. They become level headed, and sensible, thinking rather than reacting in a blind panic. Nature saw to it that these wild horses  developed none of the vices or common health problems that plaque many man-made breeds today. Nature did not select for pretty heads or fancy movement but for characteristics that made them  successful in their wild, unforgiving environment. Nature had no mercy and thus only the fittest horses thrived.

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