Marlborough Mustangs

We have been involved with the preservation, and promotion of the Canadian Suffield Mustang for over 20 years. It has been a long, passionate and expensive journey. We now look to horse lovers to assist us in continuing our endeavor to save these amazing Horses of Suffield. We have big plans for 2022! Please join us in our journey to preserve these living legends of Canadian History. 

Coming Spring 2022

A clothing line to help protect, preserve and promote the Canadian Suffield Mustang. ​Clothing will be all Canadian made.

An artist line. We are presently discussing with professional artists and photographers to develop Mustang artwork and photographs that capture the true spirit of our wonderful Canadian Suffield Mustangs.

Sponsor a Mustang or Support Our Efforts

You can sponsor an individual Mustang or help support our preservation, education and  promotion program.   


Coming Summer 2022

Accommodations in our 200 acre back pasture to allow people an experience of a life-time. This large pasture is comprised of  many acres of pasture and bush. It is a magical place, breathtakingly quiet, where stars shine brightly and wildlife wanders undisturbed.  It is hard to believe that this place is only 40 minutes away from Ottawa! To make this adventure complete you are surrounded by freely roaming Mustangs. Set up a chair and drink in the beauty. Perfect for romantic getaways. A picture perfect spot for painters and photographers.

The Marlborough Mustang Support Endeavor