Marlborough Mustangs was established in 2002 as the first breeding farm of Canadian Suffield Mustangs in Ontario. For the first few years we concentrated in gathering the most genetically diverse breeding stock to create a small core herd. We strive to  preserve  the traits that made the Suffield Mustang so successful as a wild horse living on the Canadian Prairies known for long, cold winter and short, hot summers. Courtesy of Mother Nature, Suffield Mustangs are  hardy, easy keeping, well-built  horses with especially strong legs and hooves. They are also possess strong herd instincts, natural athleticism, inherent intelligence, inquisitive minds  and are level headed. Their character traits make them highly trainable. The combination of physical and mental soundness makes Suffield Mustangs outstanding equine partners.

 Marlborough Mustangs

The Canadian Suffield Mustang

We raise our Mustangs the way nature did. Running in herds- stallions, mares and foals out year round on large, rough pastures they naturally maintain strong herd instincts and develop strong legs and hooves. Pasture raised they spend their days and nights constantly moving over rough terrain which naturally fosters strong bones and muscles and creates athletic, sure footed horses. They are level headed, sensible and are not prone to many of the vices or common health problems that plaque many man-made breeds.

At Marlborough Mustangs we strive to keep the "nature earned traits" and select for traits that improve their suitability as wonderful equine partners.