Markborough's Even Keel

Black Bay Gelding

Sire Widowmaker Dam Mestengo's Spyder's Sioux

DOB May 1 2007

Aprox 15.1 HH

Rides, ties, baths, trailers, good for farrier and vet. No Vices.

Amazing conformation and movement

Good on roads and trails. 

Needs a very experienced, confident rider as Keel is a very reactive horse. 

He is not a get on and relax and enjoy the scenery kind of horse. Keel  requires constantly  vigilant rider.

Marlborough Mustangs

Marlborough's Dust Storm

Palomino Gelding with white

Sire Widowmaker

Dam Mestengo's Cheyenne

DOB May 10 2006

Aprox 15.1HH

​Rides, ties, trailers, baths, good for farrier and vet. Good on roads, and trails. Good with other horses. 

Very good manners. Very forward mover, with excellent movement.

Definitely more " go than whoa."


Marlborough's Sargant At Arms

Dark Bay Gelding

Sire Widowmaker Dam Mestengo's Mistico

DOB Aug 4 2007

Aprox 15HH

Rides, ties, trailers, baths, good for farrier and vet. No vices. Good on trails and roads. Rides out alone or in a group. 

Sarge gets along with other horses. Great with kids that are intermediate riders. He  is great to handle , good stall manners, loves  attention and genuinely loves people.