Tornedo, Gruhla

Lady, Bay

Available for insemination with outside Stallions

Avimar, palomino

Marlborough's Prairie Treasure

​Bay,  DOB May 30 2008

Sire                                                           Dam                Dreamcatcher  #601                       Mestengo s Spyder's                                                     Sioux # 496

​For detailed pedigree see Treasure's Page

​​Custom Breeding

Mestengo's Mistico

Chestnut Rabicono Pinto

DOB 1994

Foundation mare

Sire                                Dam 

Unknown                        Unknown

Prairie Wild Fire # 630 

Chestnut, white star

DOB June 6 2003

     Grandsire               Granddam             Grandsire          Granddam  

Lord Strathcona # 2   Patience # 99           Apache # 82     Cinderella # 87

               Sire                                                           Dam

       Danny Boy # 342                                          Lady Slipper # 330

                                Prairie Wild Fire

Haze, palomino

Available for breeding with either stallion

Mestengo's  Cheyenne # 233

Palomino Sabino Pinto 

DOB 1994, Foundation mare

Sire                             Dam                  Unknown              McKnight mare


Dreamcatcher # 601

Bay Tobiano pinto, heterogeneous 

See Dreamcatcher's page for more information

Apache Gold # 540

Palomino with star, snip and both hind stockings

DOB May 27 2000

Pebbles  Chestnut Sabino Pinto

​​Available for breeding with Dreamcatcher

Sneaker, Perlino,

Adult photos pending

Foxy, Black

Available for breeding With Cobalt

  Sire   Danny Boy  # 342        Dam  British Rose # 442

Procedure for purchasing a custom foal

  • You chose your stallion and your mare
  • We will determine if it is an acceptable match
  • If the breeding is acceptable to us then we will book your choice. 
  • There is no sex choice, you are buying either a colt or a filly which ever is born.
  •  A deposit is required at the time of booking
  • Installment payments towards the adoption fee begin once the mare is confirmed pregnant
  • For full details please contact us ​

Marlborough Mustangs

Available Stallions

Trader, black

Sire Widowmaker                  Dam  Apache Gold ( Shawnee) # 540

Neka, black Buckskin/gruhla

Available Mares for Custom Foaling


​ Perlino, double dilute, blue eyes.

Under saddle - photos pending

Aurora , bay